Pattern Paralysis

This post is not about shorts–

IMG_0205_2 IMG_0207_2

I made two shorts last weekend and then was struck with Pattern Paralysis.

Perhaps you’ve had this affliction as well.  The precursory conditions for Pattern Paralysis are an abundance of patterns and fabric, thereby rendering the sewist with more possible combinations than she is able to process.  The symptoms are a simultaneous desire to make everything and also make the best use of one’s fabric stash, ideally matching each fabric with the best pattern for that fabric.  The sewist then begins second ( and third, fourth) guessing herself until she is too tired to sew, yet tries to put together ideas on new pinterest boards and keeps the patterns next to her bed.  This stage typically is short-lived with the patient sewist progressing either to sewing neglect, or after a brief respite period, the ideal treatment of “just making something already!”

Fabric is coming in the mail in 3 days.  Patterns are cut and waiting.  Treatment is pending.

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