Double bubble!


The January Project Run & Play Challenge is from Alida Makes bubble dress tutorial.  I decided to use Ashley’s tutorial on Make-it Love-it instead because it has more “bubble” in the hem, and I wanted to make skirts with elastic waistbands anyway.


I bought the tiger fabric because it was so cute, not knowing what I was going to do with it.  It makes for a pretty cute bubble skirt.


The other fabric I knew was going to be used to make a bubble skirt.


For my one and a half year old girls I used these measurements:

Elastic- 19.5 inches

Lining- (1) 28″ X 7.75″

Main- (2) 28″ X 12.75″

This results in a 11 inch long skirt with an 18.5 inch elastic waist.  For gathering I set the machine to the longest stitch length and a tension of 8, which is one below the highest tension.  I did sew one at 9 but it was too gathered.  If you do this method you won’t have to pull so much thread, risking thread breakage.  The tension of 8 was perfect!

I have more of both fabrics left.  Any pink tiger ideas?



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