Easter Dresses!

I made these geranium dresses for a little cousins baptism, but the girls didn’t get a chance to wear them yet.  It has been nice to already have the Easter dresses made well in advance.

This fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  The gold is metallic.  The two fabrics are from the same line, so they coordinate without been identical.  The larger scale print needed that sash to break it up.  It’s just a coordinating bias tape!  I tacked it onto the dress and decided against a bow in the back.  For the smaller scale print I sewed piping between the skirt and bodice.  I sewed the piping onto the skirt first, because it would have been too much to keep track of to sew it all together at once.  The hems are blind hems since these are more fancy dresses.  The buttons are sparkly shank buttons.  I used gold thread for the first dress buttonholes but found the thread doesn’t stretch at all, making it more difficult to squeeze shank buttons through.  Plus you can’t really see the buttonholes once it is buttoned.  So the second one just has plain thread.


What I learned – Make the buttonhole measurement a little bigger for shank buttons. Don’t bother with metallic thread on buttonholes.



Where have I been?

The last post was in March?  Gracious!

Life-other-than-sewing has been occurring, including the girls going to preschool and toilet training.  In addition, they have enough clothes.  Gasp!  Since going to preschool, they wear mostly shorts because it’s the most practical for sliding down slides, taking off themselves, and not showing everyone your business.  I’ve made piles of shorts since March but nothing interesting enough to post.  The KIDS shorts pattern is my staple.  I did add some ruffles to them for their birthday, so I should at least put pictures of those.  Here is one until I can take pictures-


They now have 18 pairs of shorts!  And numerous dresses they only wear when home with me.  So really no excuse to sew more except for having irresistible fabric, some specific occasion, or they grow.  I’m mostly waiting for the growing.  So that’s where I have been.

Pattern Paralysis

This post is not about shorts–

IMG_0205_2 IMG_0207_2

I made two shorts last weekend and then was struck with Pattern Paralysis.

Perhaps you’ve had this affliction as well.  The precursory conditions for Pattern Paralysis are an abundance of patterns and fabric, thereby rendering the sewist with more possible combinations than she is able to process.  The symptoms are a simultaneous desire to make everything and also make the best use of one’s fabric stash, ideally matching each fabric with the best pattern for that fabric.  The sewist then begins second ( and third, fourth) guessing herself until she is too tired to sew, yet tries to put together ideas on new pinterest boards and keeps the patterns next to her bed.  This stage typically is short-lived with the patient sewist progressing either to sewing neglect, or after a brief respite period, the ideal treatment of “just making something already!”

Fabric is coming in the mail in 3 days.  Patterns are cut and waiting.  Treatment is pending.

Next challenge- a quilt!

I tend to look past small mistakes in my garment making because it’s for 1 year olds and they won’t care plus they will grow out of it within months.  For medium or big mistakes I will rip and restitch, but I’ve noticed small errors don’t look as nicely finished and my girls will notice this when they grow up and look through the clothes I made them.  I examined a cabbage patch doll pajama that my mom made for one of my dolls when I was little and there are NO mistakes. It looks fantastic! After meeting the first big challenge I set for myself of making my girls coats (yay), I’ve decided to set a bigger challenge that will help me with paying more attention to details.  I’m going to make a quilt.  I doubt I am a quilter, but figure this will give me some skills and patience to help with garment making. I know nothing about quilting.  Should be fun!

Kids Clothes Week starts Monday!

kid's clothes week


In April, when I started sewing, I saw sewing bloggers reference Kids Clothes Week (KCW).   The next KCW wasn’t until now (they occur four times a year).  I almost missed this one!  The challenge for KCW is to sew for at least one hour every day/night for seven days.  (Um, yes please.)

The theme is kid art.  Here is one particularly impressive blog entry.

Now to think of what I am going to make!

Stylo 2 and Stitch Lab

I had an unwanted break from sewing for five whole days!  Ugh!  But while on a trip to Austin, Texas came across an awesome place called Stitch Lab on 1st street!  They have a small shop with modern quilters cotton and a nice notions selection.  I picked up a few vintage buttons

Stitch Lab vintage buttons

and talked to a sewing teacher about my frustrations with my sewing machine.  They teach a variety of classes including sewing crafts or garments, needle arts, knitting, crotchet, quilting and screen printing!  And if only I lived in Austin….they have a sewing lounge for social stitching!!

On another note, Stylo Magazine issue 2 is out!  It’s an online magazine by a great group of bloggers, sewists and pattern makers that focuses on home sewn kids fashions.  Sew cool!


I did get back to sewing.  I cut the fabric for the next geranium dress but then couldn’t get to my machine for five days.  Last night was a series of silly sewing mistakes which I’ll post about tomorrow after I finish the dress.