Coat and pants

Sewing for others makes me nervous.  But I did make shorts and a crossover top for a friend’s 4 year old’s birthday….and I made another swing coat!


This is a simple coat pattern and easy to sew.  It is missing a few things.  There are no grainline markings on the pattern and the collar front and back are the same size (which can cause buckling since the front/top part should be larger than the back/underside part.  Outside of that, there are a small number of pattern pieces to cut and easy way to sew sleeves since you sew them before sewing the side seams.  It’s a pleasant sew.

This second swing coat looks better than my first because there aren’t any mistakes!  Hooray!  It’s good to make the same pattern more than once.  You find out what you’ve learned and can understand garment construction better.

This coat is going up to Chicago to be worn by my niece.  The coat should last two years.  It’s quite roomy to allow for layering.  So I hemmed the sleeves and then folded inward to where they need to be this year and will stitch around the edge.  The sleeve can be easily let out for next year.


Another pair of small fry skinny pants was sewn up.  I had cut them back in winter/spring, right after I said I wouldn’t make any more skinny pants because of how long it takes.  They are addictive!  I’m already in the middle of sewing a third pair.  Same thing for these hems as for the coat sleeves.  I hemmed them per instructions and then folded inside the pants to make the hem for my girls length, which will easily be taken out as they grow.

image image


Small fry skinnies, racer shorts and two popovers

My toddlers’ Spring/Summer wardrobe is off to a good start.  This week I sewed a popover dress,


a popover top, that I haven’t hemmed yet because I’m waiting until closer to spring,


a pair of racer shorts,


and small fry skinny pants!


I’d never made these pants before.  I made a long version of kid shorts that looked like gaucho pants!  These look much cooler on a kid but take significantly longer.  It was fun, though time consuming.  There are 16 total pattern pieces, some of which are duplicates or mirror images but still a lot of pieces to sew together.  I used the FREE two year old pattern and tutorial on the Titchy Threads website.  It is not a beginner pattern.  Most of the tutorial was easy to follow.  I only had a few, “What!?” moments, usually because the tutorial is for boys pants and she says to reverse everything for girls pants.  Also it takes longer if you do topstitching because you are changing threads and needles frequently.  I also had never done topstitching with topstitching thread and needle before.  I couldn’t find a twin topstitching needle at my local Joanns, so used a regular one, which was very hard to thread and would get jammed when the thread had difficulty going through the eye smoothly once the machine was stitching.  Lesson learned (again), use the correct needle and thread!  So after it got stuck again I switched to a single topstitching needle and sewed the two lines separately.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  The twin needle with the incorrect sized eyes had bad stitching anyway.  That was also my first time using a twin needle.  I followed the directions listed in my machine instruction manual and it went ok.

The pants have front and back pockets, a half fly, and an adjustable elastic waistband in the back.  I used a snap in the front and sewed a button for looks.  The Joanns near me only had buttonhole elastic in black, which would show through so I haven’t added that yet.


I would make these pants again if I had a fabric I thought would be REALLY cool in pants, otherwise I’m probably buying pants for the girls.  As I type this, I’m already thinking about the next pair of pants to sew….so I guess there’s something about this pattern!

Next up is a bubble skirt for January Project Run & Play challenge.