Easter Dresses!

I made these geranium dresses for a little cousins baptism, but the girls didn’t get a chance to wear them yet.  It has been nice to already have the Easter dresses made well in advance.

This fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  The gold is metallic.  The two fabrics are from the same line, so they coordinate without been identical.  The larger scale print needed that sash to break it up.  It’s just a coordinating bias tape!  I tacked it onto the dress and decided against a bow in the back.  For the smaller scale print I sewed piping between the skirt and bodice.  I sewed the piping onto the skirt first, because it would have been too much to keep track of to sew it all together at once.  The hems are blind hems since these are more fancy dresses.  The buttons are sparkly shank buttons.  I used gold thread for the first dress buttonholes but found the thread doesn’t stretch at all, making it more difficult to squeeze shank buttons through.  Plus you can’t really see the buttonholes once it is buttoned.  So the second one just has plain thread.


What I learned – Make the buttonhole measurement a little bigger for shank buttons. Don’t bother with metallic thread on buttonholes.



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