Spring/Summer wardrobe

Its easier for my kids to mostly wear what I make when its not winter.  I don’t imagine quilter’s cotton to be comfortable in long sleeves and I have yet to pick out my serger to start sewing knits.  I am SUPER excited about clothes making for spring and summer for my little ladies!  Fabrics have been ordered and picked out from my stash.  Here’s what I have planned so far:

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8b382e06f501d3d11152d1c277cbf5f8 ee60e66db061ac6f2cd2b540cd8eb68e

237030af7b8a96cf542995150259d11c Bari J. Ackerman - Emmy Grace - Ripples in Sea

The last four, plus the mint chevron, I already have in my stash and figured it went OK with the other blushes, teals and mints.  The top dark background ones are navy, not black.  The prints/patterns are all over the place.  Five come from Cotton & Steel, the two chevron’s with metallic are Michael Miller and the last two are Bari J. Ackerman.  That floral is a voile as well as the spotty one, third to last.  The rest are quilter’s cotton.  I wish more prints I like came in voile/lawn.

I have a whole list of possible items to make, drafting some my own, and many from patterns I already have:

Flat-front shorts, some with side panels in print or coordinating solid.

Scallop-edge shorts (probably from the scallop print).

Panel dresses, both with the print on the front and dresses with the print on the sides.

Something from the 5 & 10 dress book that I haven’t made anything out of yet.

A Mara blouse.

A Lotta dress.

Bubble skirts (going to make this in January for the Project Run & Play challenge).

Popover tops.

Fawn Lily dress.

Ice Cream dress.

Elastic skirts.

Skirt with inverted box pleats with different fabric inside the pleat.

An easy blouse with faux-cap sleeves I plan to draft myself with a button/loop back closure.

Maybe a few light jackets with some prints as lining and for the insides of pockets.
WHAT!?  I hope I get it all made before fall!  I only made about half the things I planned for their fall items, Indian Summer.

Suggestions and advice is welcome.



3 thoughts on “Spring/Summer wardrobe

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