Next challenge- a quilt!

I tend to look past small mistakes in my garment making because it’s for 1 year olds and they won’t care plus they will grow out of it within months.  For medium or big mistakes I will rip and restitch, but I’ve noticed small errors don’t look as nicely finished and my girls will notice this when they grow up and look through the clothes I made them.  I examined a cabbage patch doll pajama that my mom made for one of my dolls when I was little and there are NO mistakes. It looks fantastic! After meeting the first big challenge I set for myself of making my girls coats (yay), I’ve decided to set a bigger challenge that will help me with paying more attention to details.  I’m going to make a quilt.  I doubt I am a quilter, but figure this will give me some skills and patience to help with garment making. I know nothing about quilting.  Should be fun!


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