I made these in time for a trip to Chicago!

These are my first coats!



I used two patterns with the same fabrics since I prefer making coordinating outfits for my twins instead of identical ones.  I used size 3 for both patterns.  The outer fabric is wool coating found on sale at  Its no longer there so good think I bought plenty of yardage.  The lining is a mystery smooth fabric found in the clearance room at Golden D’Or fabric outlet in Dallas, Texas.


The birds were whimsical and it’s a nice pink.  I had no trouble sewing it. I didn’t need to use any tricks like sandwiching it between tissue paper, wax paper or freezer paper.  The wool coating frays easily so I should have adjusted the patterns for more seam allowance.  I had to go back and hand sew some edges on the second coat.  Overall I’m happy with the end result and just so excited that I made two coats!


The first pattern is the Swing Coat from Heidi & Finn. Its a cute pattern and comes with some nice options like a hood that you can add animal ears to as well as a few closures.  I made the buttons with a button covering kit which was not the easiest with the wool coating.  After opening and closing the swing coat about five times one of the covers came off.  For the second coat my machine had trouble making buttonholes through thicker layers so I sewed the buttons on the outside but made snap closures on the inside.  I’d do the swing coat that way the second time.

The Heidi & Finn pattern doesn’t include grainline or layout recommendation, which is weird.  It also misses some instructions that would be important for an absolute beginner.   I knew some little details so I guess I’m in the intermediate stage of being a beginner.   That also means I could have missed some things.  I can’t remember each thing but a few times the instructions should have at least said RST-right sides together and there was no picture indicating right sides together.  It otherwise seemed like a great first coat to make.  I predict making more in the future. There aren’t too many pattern pieces and the sleeves aren’t sewn as in-set exactly but the side is sewn up all the way from the bottom to the end of the sleeve.  So much easier!  (Sorry I didn’t take pictures).  I’d need to modify it to make pockets in the future.


The second coat was a super challenge.  There is this adorable jacket pattern but in Spanish, from a lady named Gema who seems to be from Spain!  I don’t speak Spanish and my friends who speak Spanish don’t speak Spain Spanish!  But the collar of this coat was so cute and I didn’t want to make identical coats.  So,  it’s only fabric, right?  I suspect paper sizes aren’t the same in Europe because it didn’t print out edge to edge and there was no inch or centimeter square to check sizing.  But I went with it and then asked a friend to translate the YouTube tutorial.  That’s right, no written instructions included in this paid pattern!  The tutorial does have some things that are said and not shown, so you do need translation.   I have to thank Elizabeth for translation.  Oh, and my new sewing machine broke in the middle of all this!  I had to borrow my friend Amber’s identical sewing machine while mine was in the shop!

Mine doesn’t look as cute and I think it’s partly the fabric choice.  It does look cuter on a little person than on the hanger.  Gema says on her video that it’s not made to have a lining, but I had to use a lining since it’s a wool winter coat.  That wasn’t too hard to figure out after making the Swing Coat which did have a lining.  This cute little jacket includes facings though, plus interfacing which added to bulk along the closure.  Hence my machine got stuck making buttonholes.  This turned out to work in the favor of a toddler as I needed to make snaps instead of buttons!

Gema has several adorable patterns!  I’m thinking of getting her cape pattern even though I haven’t figured out the printing problem and the instructions are also a video in Spanish!  How cute is that cape!?


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