First Day Dress!

1st First Day Dress front

Dana at MADE released her long-awaited First Day Dress pattern two weeks ago and I couldn’t sew it until this weekend. UGH.  Clearly the sewing bug has infected me as I await pattern releases and can’t wait to sew them.  So funny.  This dress is cute and has a modern shape.  I learned how to set sleeves, more practice top-stitching and this dress has the option to do a full lining!  The main fabric was cut the day I got the pattern, but then sitting there, calling to me for nearly two weeks.  The dress itself was quite easy to put together.  In fact, in two instances I did a little sewing dance because of how well things were going (like pinning and sewing in a sleeve).

pinned cap sleeve

The trick for me to pin and sew this sleeve was to hold it like the shape it was going to eventually become while pinning, instead of trying to pin it flat.  I read somewhere about clothing being like 3-D sculpture with fabric using flat patterns.  So it helped to put the sleeve and armscye in the 3-D shape it would become.  I also used a lot of pins.

curved sleeve

Once sewn on (with no puckering!) I finally used my pressing ham to press the seam!  The skirt portion was much too long.

unheeded First Day dress

I cut off 2.5 inches before hemming per instructions.  Its still about 1 inch too long but they will grow.  Dana advises putting in the child with arms first then the head.  The area under the arms gets tight when putting in head first then trying to squeeze those arms in.  It looks good once on, but is difficult to wiggle on a 1 year old.  For the next one I think I’ll try putting in a zipper instead of the loop and button with a back slit.  I hope it will make it easier to get on and off.

1st First Day Dress back

The hem includes folding both lining and main edges over twice and then sandwiching together and stitching. This makes 6 layers of fabric, a heavy hem, and makes the circle skirt flare out more.

lined hem

Given how hot it is where we live, I don’t have a need to fully line a whole dress (unless its a fancy occasion dress), so it was nice practice but I’ll just partially line the next dress.

Overall good lessons in full lining and putting on cap sleeves.  Next time I’ll cut less for the skirt portion, only line the bodice, and use a zipper instead of a loop and button closure.  This will make it easier to put the dress on the kiddo too!




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