3rd Geranium Dress and a peasant top

Geranium Tres

This weekend I made another Geranium dress!  This pattern is so satisfactory to put together and looks so nicely finished.  The print is quite large but the first Geranium I made had a medium print and the pattern held up the print well.    Of course it had to have a diaper cover to match!


I like the pleated version (over the gathered skirt version) so far.  Here is the back:

Geranium Tres Back

Its a 2T for my 1 year olds, so the hem is quite large.  I kept all the length so I can let it out later.  Also this weekend I let out the first Geranium I made and made a flowy peasant top with the Wayfarer Palos Verde voile leftover from the circle skirts earlier in the week.  Its been a very satisfying week of sewing.


I had another opportunity with this hem to try out my narrow rolled hem foot but still didn’t because I had both the Geranium dress and top going at the same time and wanted to get them both done this weekend.  I learned a few new things with the diaper cover funny enough.  For instance, eventually, if you keep sewing over your pins, you could end up with one like this:


And if you accidentally don’t put your bobbin thread through the tension mechanism in the bobbin case, you end up with a the bobbin thread side looking like this:







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