Indian Summer | Need suggestions!

My kiddos wear their mommy-made clothes about 1/3rd to 1/2 of the week, but I’d like it to be more.  The ENCHANTED fabric collection from Cloud 9 inspired me to make them a fall wardrobe!  Since its warm where we are most of the time, this will work for both the end of summer and fall.  The prints themselves make me think of fall.  It says Quilters Weight which is funny.  That seems to mean different things, hence the hazard of buying fabric online.  The weight seems the same as broadcloth to me.  So I don’t think it will wear quite as well as a heavier weight, but it’s already bought and I’m going to go with it.  Like I said, it’s warm here.

Here are the swatches:


Raven Moon


Zigzag Feathers Coral


Seed Bead Chevron




Zigzag Feathers Turquoise


Tear Drop Bead Sunshine

Cute, huh?

I made a plan when I bought the fabric, making yardage decisions based on those plans.   Did I write the plans down? No!  So I’ll have to figure it out again.  I’m thinking a few shorts, skirts and dresses.  Maybe some prints would be nice as accents on tops?  Some look like they’d be great as lining (Tear Drop Bead Sunshine) for these coats I’m planning on learning enough skills to make by October 1st.

I watched a lot of past seasons of Project Runway the past month and think I’m starting to understand what they mean when they say a fabric wants to be something.  I never thought I’d think this-but I’m starting to see how fashion is seen as an art form.  This is particularly amusing since I don’t care much for fashion for myself.  Some of these prints do seem to call to be made one thing or another.  This is no different than carving soapstone or wood.  Sometimes it tells you what it wants to be.

Nonetheless I could use some ideas!

I’ve not used many trims.  Just a few uses of bias tape.  I like things minimal, but these are children’s clothes and I am making them with the side benefit of learning to sew, so I should probably give more trims a try.  Do you ever read Lexi’s posts?  She’s an amazing sewist/seamstress.  All her clothes look completely profession and well finished.  And she has CUTE twin girls!  I think I’ll peruse past posts for inspiration.

There are several patterns I haven’t tried yet too.  I have Compagnie M Mara Top and Lotta Dress, the Five and Ten Volume One ebook .  The Willow & Co Clover shorts and Fawn Lily top also look adorable.

Any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Indian Summer | Need suggestions!

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