Cuffed shorts for whale top

seersucker whale outfit

I didn’t modify the Kids Shorts pattern at all to cuff these.  And no, I didn’t look up how to properly make cuffs so pbbbbt.   These shorts weren’t meant to be perfect.

Instead, I used the seam allowance already given in the MADE pattern but flipped it the other way.  It does make for a shorter short by 1 inch, but this is supposed to be an outfit for a hot summer day anyway.   I was in a hurry to get these done.  Next time I’ll look up how to properly make cuffs and I’ll do the math for adjusting the pattern’s length.

You can follow Dana’s tutorial for general shorts construction.  I used her Kids Shorts pattern size 2T.  Once I got to the end, I did NOT put in the elastic in the waistband since I thought it would be easier to make a straight cuff if the waist wasn’t gathered yet.  I folded over 1/2 inch and pressed as instructed.  Then I folded over another 1 inch and pressed.  This makes two creases.


I unfolded the first crease, planning on then folding up to the right side of the short the whole 1 inch fold that I had created.  This is when I realized the fabric edge wouldn’t be finished at all and would likely fray, so I zig-zag stitched it.  Again, not meant to be perfect.


I sewed 1/4 from the edge and then folded my new “cuff” toward the right side of the shorts.  I hand stitched a blind stitch to hold the cuff there on the right side of the shorts, and voila!



Then I inserted the elastic in the waistband and learned I should really pay attention to which is the back so I make my elastic opening there.  Otherwise my closing stitch shows up on the front.


I had been sewing regular quilters cotton before this seersucker and broadcloth excursion.  The broadcloth was a little more finicky.  I had to adjust the tension and stitch length several times to eventually prevent puckering.  Good thing these are only shorts and its only fabric.

Now I just have to make another whale outfit and then look up how to properly cuff shorts!


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