I tried to make this baby blanket for my future niece, based off a seemly easy Simple Simon & Co tutorial.  I was initially confused, but used two scraps of fabric 4 inches square and 3 inches square to start a mini mock project and then understood–you pin the edges of the smaller square of fabric to the edges of the larger square.  I then made it the correct size.  Perhaps because I sewed a stretchy knit cuddle fabric to a woven fabric, it contributed to the whole thing coming out like a box!

boxy blanket

My mitered corners occurred twice.  Once at the corner of the knit fabric and then where it was supposed to at the corner of the woven fabric.

double miter

It was also hard to rotate the whole blanket at the corners when sewing.

I could put in a zipper and turn it into a big cushion, or just seam rip the whole thing apart.  I really like the woven fabric.  It has nursery rhyme images.  I was so frustrated about the result, I put it aside and a little while later made a diaper cover for a sewing win.


I’m not sure what all went wrong.  I think it was more than one thing.  Anyone have any ideas?


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