Geranium Dress

I sewed my first (won’t be the last) Geranium Dress!  It looks so good with that lined bodice!  Rae Hoekstra‘s pattern and instructions made it easy.  There are many options and its been remixed repeatedly on different blogs.  I decided to make the pleated skirt option with U-cut neckline.

Flowering Geranium Front

The lining is fun Michael Miller Jug or Not Spot On Tangerine.  The flower fabric is Moda Bloomin’ Fresh Fresh Blooms Sky Blue (the background blue is not really sky blue, but deeper).

Flowering Geranium Back

Check out those buttons!  These were the first buttonholes I’ve ever made.  I practiced several times on scrap fabric, which was good because I didn’t get it the first time.  On my Singer machine you have to pull down the buttonhole lever and then push it backward.  When you want to make the next buttonhole you have to push it back again, otherwise the needle just goes up and down in the same spot making a tangly mess on the other side.

I learned a LOT with this dress and love how it turned out.  I learned how to make buttonholes, a bodice, lining a bodice and attaching it to a skirt.  I also made 12 pleats!  You have to make the pleats even out in such a way that the bodice just fits right over it when sewing them together.  Otherwise you’ll have a combo of some nice looking pleats and some incidental gathering.

Geranium Diaper Cover

Of course I had to make a matching diaper cover.

As I write this I am washing fabric for my next Geranium Dress!  Woo Woo!

Jess from CINO has made the Geranium dress repeatedly (at least 8 times since this posting) and shows great options.


3 thoughts on “Geranium Dress

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