Sewing I did today-

I made 3 diaper covers and a skirt!

The diaper covers are from the pattern and tutorial on Made.

Two matched dresses I had sewn in the past week and a few weeks ago; one for a new skirt I sewed today.   I made my first diaper cover ever last week to match an elephant skirt.  I didn’t think I’d make more. But they are SO cute and easy.  Its nice to use the leftover fabric that isn’t going to make much else (clothing wise) to make matching diaper covers for their handmade dresses.

Geranium Diaper Cover Grey and hello diaper cover

I also put together this skirt, based off this tutorial on What’s Mummy Up To.   I already made a copy-cat elephant skirt, so decided to change things up just a bit.  I can’t call it the elephant skirt, so it’s grey and hello (yellow).

Grey and hello skirt front Grey and hello skirt back

I sandwiched bias tape between the top and bottom skirt layers instead of piping and used the same 1 inch bias tape to decorate the bottom hem.  I learned by experience that modifying your stitch length is important after having several layers of fabric built up.  The top stitching on the bias tape hem is a longer stitch length which looks so much better.

IMG_5363 IMG_5362

I ordered some seersucker and look forward to trying a new fabric.

Also today I transferred a pattern to “Swedish Tracing Paper”.  This stuff is really sew-on medium to heavy weight interfacing.  Its nice to transfer those PDF patterns that you’ve taped together.  The pattern lasts longer and is easier to store.   Its nice to not reprint patterns when you need a bigger size or two different sizes.  Plus if you wanted to, you could sew the pattern with this interfacing!   You can just get medium/heavy interfacing by the yard at the fabric store.  Make sure its not the iron on kind with little glue dots on one side.

Lay the interfacing on top of your pattern.  I use the bean bags I made my kids for pattern weights.



Trace over with a marker.


Make sure to transfer ALL the markings.


The move the printed/taped PDF pattern out from underneath and cut out your newly transferred pattern from the interfacing.






3 thoughts on “Sewing I did today-

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