See one. Sew one. Teach one.

In my work life a common motto for learning is “See one, do one, teach one.”  The same goes for sewing.  My initial sewing lessons were in 8th grade home ec class.  I think we made a drawstring bag and elastic waist skirt…not complicated.  We used commercial pattern for the skirt, so even sewing something so simple seemed tedious.  I didn’t sew again until a few years ago when I had the strange urge to buy a sewing machine and learn to really sew.  I got a book that promised to teach you to sew by doing projects, but I wasn’t really invested in the projects.  I don’t need napkins and placemats.  So I have a few half finished placemats and napkins that aren’t quite squared.  A few years later my daughters were born and a few weeks ago it finally clicked–its easier to learn to sew when you are vested (pun intended) in the project.  I started learning to sew by making clothes (mostly dresses/tunics and skirts) for my large-for-their-age babies.  Its a great outlet during naptime/after bed.  And you can work on a project bit-by-bit.  It won’t spoil.

The wonderful web of sewing bloggers became apparent and they have been my teachers.  Here are some of the great inspiring blogs that have terrific tutorials and many have patterns for free or sale:


Craftiness Is Not Optional

Make It and Love It

Made by Rae

Living With Punks

See Kate Sew

For pushing along and inspiring, following Project Run and Play is a must!  If you only want to sew grown women’s clothing, then Project Sewn is for you.  The designers are all bloggers and have amazing talent and tutorials!  They all link together, support each other and participate in each others blog events.  Pretty soon you feel a part of a sewing family, even if you are a silent member.

Sew, this blog is to chronicle one previously inexperienced (except for frustrated) person’s foray into learning to sew by doing.




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