Projects 3 & 4, a pouch and a turtle

After being able to stitch in a straight line I decided to try this zipper-closed, stand up, lined bag.  You can get the free tutorial when you subscribe to Make It and Love It.

Zippered Bag

Lesson learned on the bag, don’t sew too close to the teeth for a regular (not invisible) zipper.  Its hard to open and close the bag.  Otherwise I was happy at how it turned out.  My mom was coming to visit the next week and I was looking forward to her help with sewing.  She said, “You put in a zipper? You don’t need my help.”  Apparently ignorance is bliss with sewing.  I’ve also heard to just charge forward with knits.


My 4th sewing project, also from Make It & Love It, was this cute little softie turtle.  Ashley at Make It & Love It has a tutorial and FREE pattern.  Yes she is from the same fabric.  Her name is Shelly.  I keep meaning to make her a friend named Sheldon.  You can see she’s a little lumpy, partially from uneven stitch lines on the curve and partially from either too much or too little stuffing.  The girls LOVE Shelly regardless.

Shelly parts

Shelly was a good lesson in sewing curves, pinning, and stuffing small parts (with a chopstick).


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