Getting busy with the Lizzy

Since I was off and running, I read through all 9 seasons of Project Run & Play which then linked me to so many amazing sewing blogs, tutorials and patterns.  The Buzy Lizzy Dress from Sew Like My Mom has a button keyhole closure on the back, one pleat, bias tape edges and pockets!  Four new things for me to learn!  This was the first PDF pattern I purchased and taped together.  It seemed odd at first since the only patterns I had used (in 8th grade) were those flimsy, frightening commercial patterns.  But from perusing all the modern sewing blogs, this is the way things are done nowadays, and I LIKE IT!

Busy Lizzy Front Busy Lizzy Back


I learned how to do one pleat, two pockets, a keyhole button closure and bias edging.  I did not iron this before taking the picture (I know, I know).  The bias though I think is a little wrinkly because I may have stretched it a bit when sewing.  Do any of you know if that is why it puckers?

There are so many variations that could be done with this A-line pattern.  The Busy Lizzy pattern comes with two sleeves, plus sleeveless if you chose no sleeves.



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