Elephant Skirt

This Elephant skirt comes straight from the elephant skirt on What’s Mummy Up To.  I used bias tape without any piping though because weirdly, JoAnns didn’t sell any pre made fashion piping and I REALLY wanted to make this skirt that day.  I learned how to add a embellishment such as the bias between the top and bottom section of the skirt.  It’s also gathered, which I had not done before.

Elephant Skirt


I didn’t include any pockets, because my kids are 11 months old and won’t be able to really use the pockets until they have probably outgrown this skirt.  I had made the Busy Lizzy with pockets so I learned how (uh, they are easy peasy!)  But I did make a cute diaper cover!

Elephant diaper cover

This happened to be my first diaper cover, but I’ve made several others since then and think about a matching diaper cover so far for every skirt/dress I’ve made.   Dana from MADE has a great tutorial and warns you ahead of time that you’ll want to make tons.  The elephants are oriented the correct way on the back (because that’s the side you’ll see if you see this diaper cover).  I barely had any fabric to make this, so the front elephants are walking up.  I only had enough fabric to make one diaper cover but had made two skirts (of course).  I told myself it would be silly to order more fabric for another diaper cover to match the other skirt and then of course ordered 1/2 yard the next day.  This stuff is addicting.  She warned me.


I used the same measurements for fabric for the Grey and Hello Skirt.



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