Easy Peasy Pillowcase Top

After drafting off another dress and replicating it, I was really burning through blogs and noticed the pillowcase dress is very popular as an easy, simple homemade quicky dress.  So of course it seemed the next thing to do.  Its even easier than a peasant dress as there is no elastic, but I’ve sewn down the ribbon inside the casing at both openings, so it stays in there and the top stays gathered.  Regardless, it still looks kind of like a pillowcase on a child (even though it didn’t start off as a pillowcase).  I believe I used this tutorial for help, but really looked at quite a few then used tips from different places.  All the tutorials were essentially the same.

Pillowcase zigzag

I like these better as tops.  The Oliver + S Popover Sundress is essentially a pillowcase dress as well.

I learned more confidence from this dress, believe it or not.  Its a VERY simple dress.  So simple that you don’t need a pattern, self-drafted or otherwise.  You make a tube, cut out armholes and hem all open ends.  Easy peasy.


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